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Games Chart

Throughout the history of Palace Amusements, hundreds of different coin-operated arcade games were installed in the complex, operated for a period of time, and eventually replaced with newer machines. Some were there only briefly, while others became perennial favorites and remained at the Palace for decades. The following list of games is a small sampling of the many titles. Through photographs and reliable sources, we have verified that all of these machines once operated at the Palace.

Circa 1895-1940 Mutoscope Novelty International Mutoscope
Circa 1920-1940 Iron Claw Digger Merchandiser
1929 Grandmotherís Predictions Fortune Teller William Gent Mfg.
Circa 1930s Rotary Merchandiser Merchandiser Exhibit Supply Co.
Circa 1941 Itís a Knockout Novelty International Mutoscope
1949 Shoot the Bear Rifle Seeburg
1950 Knock Out Pinball D. Gottlieb & Co.
1952 Chinatown Pinball D. Gottlieb & Co.
1953 Poker Face Pinball D. Gottlieb & Co.
1956 Peppy the Clown Childrenís Novelty Williams Electronics
Circa 1960s Metal-Typer Vending Standard Metal Typer
Circa 1960s Photo Booth (B&W) Vending Auto-Photo
Circa 1960s Skee Ball (8 alleys) Ticket Redemption Philadelphia Toboggan
Circa 1960s Unknown Shuffle Alley Unknown
Late 1960s Helicopter Trainer Electromechanical Arcade Amusement Engineering
1969 Drive Master Electromechanical Arcade Chicago Coin
Circa Early 1970s Space Laser Electromechanical Arcade Unknown
Circa 1970s Splash Down Coin Pusher Crompton
1970 Target Zero Electromechanical Arcade Bally
1972 Fireball Pinball Bally
1972 Line Drive Pitch & Bat Williams Electronics
1972 Outer-Space Pinball D. Gottlieb & Co.
1972 Olympic Hockey Pinball Williams Electronics
1972 Pong Video (B&W) Atari
1972 Spanish Eyes Pinball Williams Electronics
1973 King Pin Pinball D. Gottlieb & Co.
1974 Big Shot Pinball D. Gottlieb & Co.
1974 Qwak Video Rifle Atari
1974 Triple Action Pinball Williams Electronics
1975 El Dorado Pinball D. Gottlieb & Co.
1975 Gun Fight Video (B&W) Midway
1975 Wizard! Pinball Bally
1976 Buccaneer Pinball D. Gottlieb & Co.
Circa 1977 Unknown Pinball Atari
1977 Capt. Fantastic Pinball Bally
1978 Morgana Fortune Teller Bacchus Games
1978 Warrior Video (B&W Vector) Cinematronics/Vectorbeam
1978 Big Bertha Redemption Slot Machine Xadyne Associates
1979 Jersey Jackpot Redemption Slot Machine Xadyne Associates
1979 Gorgar Pinball Williams Electronics
1980 Draw Poker Redemption Poker Machine Xadyne Associates
1980 Centipede Video Atari
1980 Pac-Man Video Bally Midway
1980 Tempest Video (Vector) Atari
1981 Ms. Pac-Man Video Bally Midway
1982 Pole Position Video Atari
1983 Q*Bert Video Gottlieb
1983 Spy Hunter Video Bally Midway
1983 Track & Field Video Centuri
1984 Kung Fu Master Video Data East
1985 Commando Video Data East
1985 Hang On Video Sega
1985 Whac-A-Mole (3 Plyr) Ticket Redemption Bobís Space Racers
Mid 1980s Batter Up! Ticket Redemption Doyle
Mid 1980s Can Alley Ticket Redemption Bobís Space Racers
Circa 1986 Big Choice (3 Plyr) Merchandiser Betson Enterprises
1986 High-Speed Pinball Williams Electronics
1986 Outrun (Sit down) Video Sega
1986 720 Degrees Video Atari
1987 Roadblasters Video Atari
1987 The Ninja Warriors Video Taito
1988 Hoop Shot Ticket Redemption Doyle